“It’s my job to be the fiscal watchdog for Wisconsin taxpayers, and I can count on Chris Abele as a partner in helping us invest more in our local communities, make government more efficient, and save taxpayers money. Chris’ fiscal responsibility has saved Milwaukee County millions, and he’s been able to invest more in progressive priorities like public transit and County Parks. I’m proud to call Chris a friend and enthusiastically endorse him for re-election.”

Sarah Godlewski

State Treasurer
Willie Hines portrait

“Chris Abele understands the importance of working with other elected and community leaders to get things done. He’s done a great job as County Executive but understands we still have a lot of work to do to end racial disparities throughout Milwaukee County. Chris is the right person to lead Milwaukee County and I endorse his candidacy.”

Willie Hines

Former Common Council President

“I supported Chris Abele’s opponent in the last election, but Chris has never let that get in the way of working with me to help Glendale and Milwaukee County residents. That showed me Chris’ character. Chris always puts his constituents ahead of politics and has demonstrated tremendous leadership over the past eight years as Executive. We need more leaders like Chris Abele, and I am proud to support him for re-election.”

Bryan Kennedy

Mayor of Glendale
Bryan Kennedy Portrait
Alex Lasry Portrait

“Over the past 8 years, Chris Abele’s leadership has led to Milwaukee County’s growth and transformation. From the Fiserv Forum to helping land the 2020 convention, Chris is doing all he can to make sure Milwaukee County leads the way and grows for everyone. He’s the right person to continue to lead us into Milwaukee County’s promising future.”

Alex Lasry

Senior Vice President, Milwaukee Bucks

“I am supporting Chris Abele because he listens to the needs of real people – and then he acts. Milwaukee has some significant challenges, including major racial disparities, and it is great to see that Chris is willing to address these challenges head on. When he says he wants to empower people, he means it, and I am proud to stand with Chris this election.”

Patricia Ruiz-Cantu

Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Latino Caucus Chair
Patricia Ruiz-Cantu
Sheldon Wasserman Portrait

“Chris Abele has worked hard to improve collaboration with the County Board, and I give him a lot of credit for improving his relationship with many of the County Supervisors. To me, this demonstrated his character and his leadership ability. Because of Chris, we are unified in our efforts to bring more resources to Milwaukee County and to better serve residents. Chris is the right person to lead us forward and help secure Milwaukee County’s fair share of funding from the state.”

Sheldon Wasserman

County Board Supervisor

“For the first time in recent history, Milwaukee County’s leaders are all aligned and working towards solutions to our big challenges. From criminal justice reform, to eliminating racial disparities, to combating the opioid epidemic, to making sure Milwaukee County gets its fair share of funding, we’re all working together to achieve these goals and improve the quality of life for residents. I am excited to see what we can accomplish, and I know Chris Abele is the right person to lead us forward.”

John Chisholm

District Attorney


State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm
Milwaukee County Register of Deeds Israel Ramon
State Senator Tim Carpenter
State Representative David Crowley
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County Board Supervisor Sheldon Wasserman
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