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Meet Chris Abele

Chris Abele’s career has been defined by his lifetime of service to Milwaukee County. A dedicated public servant, successful entrepreneur, and engaged philanthropist, Chris Abele pours his heart and soul into the community he loves – Milwaukee.

Community Involvement

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee: Abele was invited to join the 85 member board in 2001, has served as board chairman from 2004-08. On May 3, 2010 Abele was the recipient of the groups Most Valuable Person Award for “his outstanding community involvement and service to the children of Milwaukee.” He co-chaired the Perfect Match Campaign which raised $59 million and the Decade of Hope Campaign which raised $70 million for the organization.
Boys & Girls Clubs of America: Abele currently serves on the Board of Governors and Chairs the Finance Committee
Carr Center for Human Rights Policy: Abele currently sits on the advisory board of the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, a research center located at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University
Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Museum of Art
League of American Orchestras: Abele served on the board of directors, where he held positions on the campaign cabinet and executive committee
Marcus Center: Abele served on the board of directors, and is previous board chair. While on the board, Abele led various fundraising efforts, and spearheaded the Center’s external lighting project
Medical College of Wisconsin: Abele previously served on the Board of Trustees.
Milwaukee Area Technical College Board Appointment Committee: Abele currently serves as Board Chair
Milwaukee Art Museum: Abele currently serves on the board of directors, and had previously held positions on the Education Committee, and currently serves on the Anniversary Committee to commemorate the museums 125th anniversary.
Milwaukee Film Festival: Abele is the founder, former Board Chair, and current board member.
Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design: Trustee
Milwaukee Shakespeare: Abele was co-founder and former trustee of Milwaukee Shakespeare.
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra: Abele currently serves as the chairman of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors
National Association of Health Education Centers: Board Member, former Chair
Physicians for Human Rights: Former Trustee
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin: Abele is a former Board Member of the organization, and currently serves on their honorary board. He has been involved with the organization since 1997.
Public Policy Forum: Former Trustee
River Revitalization Foundation: Abele served on the Board of Directors, and previously held the position of Board Chair.
Royal Shakespeare Company America: Abele served on the Board of Directors, and previously held the position of Chair.
Visit Milwaukee: Abele served on the Board of Directors.
Wisconsin Covenant Foundation: Abele was appointed by former Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle to serve on the Board of Directors (Scholarship Fund)
Women for Women International: Abele served on the Board of Directors, and previously held the position of Board Chairman.

Awards and Honors

  •  Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee “Most Valuable Person”
  • LGBTQ Victory Fund, “Chris Abele Impact Award”
  • Public Policy Forum “Charles McNeer Civic Leadership Award
  • United Performing Arts Fund “Partner in the Arts Award
  • Governor’s Award in Support of the Arts
  • Boys & Girls Club of America “National Foundation Award”
  • Shepherd Express “Milwaukeean of the Year”
  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin “Children’s Hero Award”
  • Saint Francis Center “Children’s Service Award”
  • Marcus Center “Corporate Citizen Award”
  • Riverwalk Association “Gertie Award”
  • Milwaukee Business Journal “40 under 40”
  • Milwaukee Business Journal “Power Broker”

Chris Abele – Empowering Milwaukee

Elected as County Executive with an overwhelming 61% of the vote in a special election in 2011 and re-elected in 2012 and 2016, he has prioritized providing effective and efficient services to Milwaukee County residents.

When the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed Chris Abele in 2011, they said he could be a game changer for Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County desperately need a change; when Abele was elected in 2011, Milwaukee County government was in such bad financial shape that one report suggested bankruptcy as the best option for the county.

Eight years later, Chris Abele has proven to be that game-changer, and he has delivered for Milwaukee County residents.

While Milwaukee County still faces tough fiscal challenges, primarily due to the state funding formula that under funds local government, we have made tremendous progress over the past eight years. Milwaukee County’s unemployment rate has dropped from 9.2% in April, 2011 to 3.1% in April, 2019. Chris has held the line on property taxes since first getting elected, and he has cut over $100 million from the county budget, while still protecting funding for vital social services like public transit and bus routes, County Parks, homeless shelters, and senior centers.

Chris gets things done for Milwaukee residents and hardworking families. Chris Abele’s record of fighting for Milwaukee includes:

  • Ending chronic homelessness in Milwaukee County
  • Championing major economic development projects downtown and across the county to create good paying jobs
  • Expanding bus service without raising fares
  • Creating training opportunities and family supporting jobs through UpLift MKE
  • Adding services and improving outcomes without raising taxes so working families and seniors on fixed incomes can make ends meet
  • Signing a $15 living wage ordinance
  • Allocating additional resources to fight the opioid epidemic
  • Dramatically reduced waiting times for heating assistance and expanded heating assistance to over 17,000 Milwaukee County residents

Chris Abele is not a typical politician. While politicians in Washington and Madison continually kick the can down the road, Chris is not afraid to deal with difficult problems and make hard choices, even if it means upsetting the political establishment. Chris has always stood up for Milwaukee County taxpayers, and the tough choices he’s made have directly benefited residents. In 2019, Milwaukee County pays $20 million less per year in debt interest payments than a decade ago, meaning more of your tax dollars can go toward the important social services that the county provides.

Chris believes that government belongs to you – the people – and that is why he has fought to make Milwaukee County government more resourceful and empowering. His bold reforms of county government have made the county more efficient, and he’s taken power away from the bloated county bureaucracy and put it back in the hands of the taxpayers. Despite the opposition of powerful special interest groups, Chris successfully led the push to reform county government and the County’s infamous pension backdrop benefit. His reforms enabled the county to achieve a bond credit rating upgrade for the first time in years and helped balance the budget.

When he was first elected, Chris moved swiftly to reform the mental health system in Milwaukee County. His reforms produced real results for patients: since 2010, there has been a 30% reduction in Psychiatric inpatient admissions, a 25% reduction in emergency room visits, and a 57% increase in the number of people using the outpatient Access Clinic.

His “can do” attitude is why Milwaukee County has a more efficient and impactful government and has achieved so many “firsts” during his tenure, including:

  • Eliminating the waiting list for Section 8 Housing for the first time in over a decade
  • Eliminating the waiting list for disability services for the first time in thirty years
  • Making Milwaukee County the first in the nation to partner with District Attorneys and United States Marshalls to track down parents who don’t pay their child support but have the means to do so
  • Setting all-time records for child support services, continually increasing the number of people served in Milwaukee County
  • Led the nation in Affordable Care Act sign ups in 2015 and won the Obama White House Healthy Communities Challenge

As a lifelong Democrat, Chris believes that government should work to improve people’s lives, address systemic issues such as Milwaukee’s glaring racial disparities, and ensure every Milwaukee County resident can get ahead. His fiscal responsibility has allowed for the County to make smart, long-term investments in progressive priorities that matter, including ending chronic homelessness, environmental programs, County Parks, substantial criminal justice reform, and other important programs – all while total government spending.

Chris is passionate about the need for racial equity and substantial criminal justice reform in Milwaukee County and across the nation. He believes we must move beyond issuing the most severe sentences just for the sake of being “tough on crime.” We must be smart on crime to better serve taxpayers, keep our communities safe, and find better ways to eliminate Milwaukee County’s racial disparities.

During Chris’ tenure as County Executive, Milwaukee County has implemented numerous reforms and initiatives aimed at ensuring fair and equal opportunity for all people in Milwaukee County, including:

  • Creating the Office of African American Affairs to address racial inequities.
  • Developing new budgeting practices to examine how your tax dollars are being spent and ensuring that they are being spent in a way that promotes racial equities.
  • Transforming the county’s approach to youth justice and changing our focus from punitive measures that hurt our kids and communities, to developing solutions that address the root causes of problematic behavior and prevent recidivism, such as teaching life skills, providing school support, job coaching, and financial advice to Milwaukee youth.
  • The House of Corrections has implemented revolutionary reforms and developed innovative programs, including working with inmates to develop job skills and improve their resumes and job interview skills. The House of Corrections offers classes so inmates can earn their GEDs and find jobs upon leaving the HoC.
  • Turning the County’s Behavioral Health Division’s focus to community-based prevention, treatment, and recovery programs to provide better care and address trauma in the community.

As a leader in the Democratic Party, Chris knows it is his responsibility to demonstrate that government can empower people and help them flourish. Chris wants to do everything in his power to bring racial justice to Milwaukee County, ensure we have healthy communities, and give a hand up to working people whenever possible. Chris fights for these values every day – and governs to prove our progressive, solution-oriented ideas can make real, positive impacts on people’s lives.

While Chris has been a lifelong supporter of Democrats and progressive causes, he is also focused on bringing civility back to politics. Milwaukee County residents know that political victories and labels are not as important as getting things done, and that is why Chris has embraced this attitude as County Executive. He’s worked with Democrats and Republicans to put taxpayers first and empower county employees to better serve their community.

It is this kind of attitude that has made Chris a leader on local bipartisan initiatives as well. During his tenure, the Department of Child Support Services has become a national leader for serving our community. In 2015, Milwaukee was one of only three counties to receive the ‘Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Grant’ from the federal government to enhance services. While Milwaukee County has led the way in cracking down on men who try to skirt their responsibilities as fathers, the County has also increased other programs to support low-income fathers, including helping more than 6,000 dads get help with job training so they can support their families.

Business Leader and Job Creator

Chris developed his reputation for getting things done through his successful business career. In 1996, Chris co-founded SteriLogic Waste Systems, which serves hospitals and medical clinics in managing sharps waste. He served as CEO from 1996 through 2004 before transition from CEO to Chairman to focus on additional philanthropic efforts. In 2001, he founded CSA Commercial, a Milwaukee-based real estate and development company. Since 2013, Abele has invested more than $10 million into the Milwaukee community through his venture capital fund, CSA Partners.

In 2015, Chris Abele launched his largest and boldest project – Ward4 – to foster a new spirit of entrepreneurship in Milwaukee and enhance our growing startup community. Ward4 is a lighthouse for innovation and is a destination for entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and other technologists. It took Ward4 only a few short years to host scores of companies and support more than a thousand jobs – all without a dime of taxpayer money.

In a short time, Ward4 has become the place for entrepreneurs to gather in Milwaukee and is helping to re-define Milwaukee’s business culture. It has become a hub for business and community leaders alike to host events, share ideas, and discuss important local topics. Members include Bright Cellars, Big Cloud Analytics, devCodeCamp, EatStreet, gener8tor, Scanalytics, Startup Milwaukee, The Commons, and many, many more growing companies. Ward4 also partners with the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce and Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce to support their missions.

Chris demonstrates his values through his investments as well. While female-founded startups receive only 2% of venture capital funding, Chris’ venture fund invests more than 60% of its funds into women and minority-owned companies.

Chris’ experience creating jobs in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin in the private sector has helped him as County Executive as well. After taking office, Chris created the Department of Economic Development which has since overseen numerous important development projects, including the development of the long-time vacant Park East land, which, thanks to the leadership of the Milwaukee Bucks, Chris Abele, and other city, county, and state leaders, is now a growing and vibrant part of Milwaukee..

A lifetime of service and giving back to his community

Chris believes in giving back and is also a dedicated personal philanthropist. Prior to his election, Chris served for seven years as CEO of the Milwaukee-based Argosy Foundation, where he remains a trustee. The foundation aims to support leaders and organizations that employ creative and entrepreneurial approaches to solving systemic problems. Over the past two decades, his philanthropic and volunteer work has included serving on over 30 local, national and international non-profit boards. The complete list can be found below.

Chris knows there are many ways to bring positive change to Milwaukee and advance his values beyond his public service and business investments. In 2015, Chris personally helped finance free tuition at MATC for 1,000 lower-income Milwaukee area youth, and in 2017, donated an additional $500,000 to the MATC Promise Program to allow the college to serve even more people, tuition free. The gift is earmarked specifically for adults in the 53206 ZIP code, the poorest zip code in the city of Milwaukee. The Promise Program enables more adults to finish their degrees and get put on a path toward family-sustaining employment and career advancement.

When Chris gets involved with an organization, he doesn’t do it for the title or simply to serve on a board, he gets involved to make a difference. He has a record of accomplishment that is rarely achieved, and that’s why dozens of organizations have sought his leadership over the past few decades.

One of those organizations was Women for Women International. During Chris’ tenure as Chair of their board of directors, Women for Women International underwent a massive transformation that produced incredible results for the organization and the people they serve. Their work in war-ravaged countries, helping women act on their good ideas through micro-lending, earned them the prestigious Hilton Humanitarian Award. They were the first women’s organization to earn this award and one of the youngest organizations ever to have received it.

He is particularly invested in the Boys & Girls Clubs. He volunteers with and has personally donated more than $5 million to the Boys and Girls Clubs so kids in Milwaukee Public Schools have a safe place to grow. In addition to serving on their national board, Chris is also the recipient of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee “Most Valuable Person” award.

Chris also has a passion for the arts. In addition to serving as Chair for the Royal Shakespeare organization for four years, he is also a past Chair of the Milwaukee Symphony Board of Directors as well as a major contributor. In 2008, Chris founded the Milwaukee Film Festival which has rapidly grown into one of the largest film festivals in the nation (even larger than Chicago’s film festival).

Chris Abele is a major donor and investor in liberal social causes in Milwaukee and across the country.

Just recently, the LGBTQ Victory Fund, which supports LGBTQ candidates running for office across the country, awarded Chris with their very first “Chris Abele Impact Award” for the support Chris has provided LGBTQ candidates over the past three decades. Chris continues to serve as the Chair of the LGBTQ Victory Fund board, and he will continue to passionately advocate for LGBTQ candidates locally and nationally.