Knowing Chris the way I do, I know he wakes up with a drive to serve Milwaukee County residents and tackle systemic problems like chronic homelessness, mental health care, and racial inequalities.
Congressman Mark Pocan

I believe that Chris Abele embodies a nonpartisan approach to his job that best serves the citizens of our county. In his time in office, he has effectively reduced the deficit he inherited, found ways to enhance needed services, and secured new funding sources from both the state and federal governments.
Guy Johnson
Village President
Village of Shorewood

Chris Abele has had a distinguished record as County Executive in recent years. He is focused and spends his time solving financial problems that others have created. Whether you are a Democratic, Republican, or Independent, he has used excellent choices to resolve multiple County problems without considering politics. He deserves reelection, I hope you will encourage your friends and neighbors to help keep Chris Abele in office.
Robert C. Brunner
Village President of River Hills

Since beginning to work with Chris in 2011, through the Intergovernmental Cooperation Council (at a time when the County was in dire straights), I have seen Chris make good decisions that benefit the entire County, including all the suburban communities. His choices with issues such as EMS services, Parks departments, transportation, and of course, budgets, were forward thinking goals. Previous County Executives didn’t bother to visit local units of governments or even ask for their opinions.

Chris has brought the County back from the brink of collapse to good health with great prospects for the future. He certainly deserves to continue to serve in his role as County Executive.
Carl Krueger
Village President
Village of Brown Deer

It is always a pleasure to work with County Executive Abele on Milwaukee County issues in Cudahy, or anywhere in Milwaukee County. Chris Abele is a strong qualified leader who studies the issues, reaches for broad solutions, and works for the betterment of all county residents in a fiscally conservative manner.
John Hohenfeldt
Mayor – City of Cudahy

I’m supporting Chris Abele because he understands that the job of County Executive means that you have to represent ALL the citizens of Milwaukee County and that includes its southernmost communities. In his first term, Chris has significantly reduced the debt of the County through fiscally responsible decisions based on real metrics and long-term strategic planning. He’s worked with our state representatives and with the local mayors and village presidents to make sure that our voices were heard. I believe he’s the best choice for all of Milwaukee County.
Steve Scaffidi
Mayor – City of Oak Creek

Chris has been good for the South Shore and South Milwaukee, and I’m proud to support him for a second term. He has restored fiscal discipline and accountability to county government, while also driving increased efficiency in how the county delivers its services. Chris is unafraid to drive big ideas to solve big problems. From working to end chronic homelessness to stepping up to invest in cleaner watersheds and our parks, he is committed to making Milwaukee County a better place. And he doesn’t do it alone. Chris values partnerships, and he has led the way in driving cooperation among communities. Chris believes we’re all in this together. So do I.
Erik Brooks
Mayor – City of South Milwaukee

Fair Wisconsin PAC, when considering endorsements, looks not only at the issues the candidates support but his or her track record in office. Chris Abele, in his role as Milwaukee County Executive, has been a champion of LGBT issues, from helping secure domestic partner benefits for county employees, to keeping the Court House open and ensuring couples could express their love when marriage became the law in Wisconsin. Fair Wisconsin PAC is proud to endorse incumbent County Executive Chris Abele for re-election.
Nancy Nusbaum – Chair, Fair Wisconsin Political Action Committee