Economic Development

Catalyzed New Economic Development Projects & Creating Jobs

Chris Abele has prioritized job creation and smart fiscal management. That is why millions of dollars are being leveraged into economic development initiatives in every corner of the County and critical investments are being made in public transportation, social services, and the parks system.

He proposed five straight budgets that did not raise taxes and reinvested millions of dollars from the sale of vacant and unused county-owned land into job training programs and community development. This has led to the substantial development of the Park East corridor, a parcel of land that sat vacant for more than a decade under Democratic and Republican leadership, which now will be a crucial component of Milwaukee’s ongoing economic renaissance.

Chris Abele created the first meaningful Office of Economic Development to assist in economic development and job creation. It has been instrumental in many projects in the last 5 years, one of which is the Couture project. This project alone will result in more than 100 million dollars in new investment, create and sustain thousands of jobs and increase our tax base. Chris is committed to continuing to aggressively pursuing more opportunities for economic development. When these opportunities present themselves, he is committed to protections for workers such as the prevailing wage and PLAs. (Images of Couture)

Chris Abele has also reinvested millions of dollars from the sale of vacant and unused County-owned land into jobs training programs and community development. $800,000 from the sale of Milwaukee County City Campus was placed into an economic development fund, matched by $800,000 from Near West Side Partners, Inc. The fund will be used to buy and restore properties, develop small businesses and do other activities to promote neighborhood stability and economic growth. You can find additional information about the fund here.