Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive

Chris Abele Unveils One-Year Agenda to Change Milwaukee County

Chris Abele Unveils One-Year Agenda to Change Milwaukee County

Part Two of One-Year Agenda Includes Focusing on Consolidation, Cooperation, Debt Repayment and Protecting the Transit System

Milwaukee – County Executive candidate Chris Abele today released the second part of his one-year agenda to bring real change to Milwaukee County.  Abele is running in a special election on April 5to complete the final year of the current County Executive term.

“Whether you live in Cudahy, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee or Brown Deer, you know the status quo isn’t working for Milwaukee County government, and the time for real reform is now,” said Abele.  “Together we can focus on creating jobs, preserving services and taking Milwaukee County in a new direction.”

The first part of Chris Abele’s one-year agenda can be found here.

Below are details of Chris Abele’s One Year Agenda to Change Milwaukee County – goals he will accomplish over the next year if elected County Executive by working together with the County Board, neighborhood groups, nonprofits, organized labor, the business community and anyone interested in strengthening the future of Milwaukee County:

  • Focus on accelerated debt repayment. For years, debt problems were allowed to accumulate while politicians bickered and kicked the can down the road. Chris will convene leaders from public and private companies to identify a long-term plan to tackle the County’s long-term debt program. Chris Abele will also use the proceeds from the sale of underused county facilities to help accelerate debt repayment as part of his Milwaukee County facilities and energy reform plan.
  • Protect the Milwaukee County Transit System, starting with developing a long-term plan for the $36.6 million in federal transit money for Milwaukee County. Once a national model, the Milwaukee County Transit System has suffered from route cuts and fare hikes for years.  A vibrant transit system is critical to growing our economy and connecting workers to jobs, with 35,000 workers relying on the system each day to get to work. Abele will focus on ensuring the transit system connects the highest density of workers to the highest density of employers.  And over the next year he will work with key stakeholders to finally develop a plan to invest $36.6 million in federal transit funds designated for Milwaukee County that have for too long sat idle as a result of partisan bickering.
  • Establish an official framework to guide consolidation of services and functions between County, State and local governments. Milwaukee County has multiple government agencies that handle routine tasks such as vehicle maintenance, landscaping, parks maintenance and building maintenance, to name a few. As a business leader who has experience bringing organizations together to collaborate, Chris will bring stakeholders from the public and private sector together to identify the best ways to implement consolidation ideas focused on the most efficient delivery of service to taxpayers.

Chris Abele is a business owner, civic leader and community advocate who is running for Milwaukee County Executive to work with anyone to create private sector jobs, get County debt under control, and protect vital services. He has worked to strengthen Milwaukee County by helping to build and grow programs in education, the environment, community development, health services and the arts. Chris is a champion of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, creating hope and opportunity for young people in our community. And he helped lead an outside audit of the county’s pension problems, and identified an idea that will save taxpayers millions of dollars.

Chris proudly lives in Milwaukee County with his wife, Miriam and their daughter, Lauren.



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  • Nicholas La Joie says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re looking to fix the transit issues in Milwaukee but I need assurance that you are an advocate for transit– and not just the bare minimum of busses that Walker barely funded when he was in office. The County and City need to work together to FINALLY bring fix rail transit to Milwaukee. We need to move forward with the Milwaukee Streetcar project. We need to also move forward with the KRM Commuter Rail project and, most importantly, we need to look at developing a true light rail system for Milwaukee — one that could link people with jobs quickly and efficiently in this city. Light Rail, Chris. It makes sense.

  • I agree with Nicholas but if the bus doesn’t come through your neighborhood you’d probably use a car rather than walk for blocks to get to a train. Please expand bus service too ALL of our neighborhoods and stop Walker’s destruction of bus transportation. It’s a service, not a business.If there were any profit in it government wouldn’t have bought the Milwaukee Transit Company years ago.

    Government is a service, not a business. That’s why they call government employees “civil servants”.

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