Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive

Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive Launches New TV Ad


Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011

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Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive Launches New TV Ad
Ad Highlights Chris Abele’s New Approach of Working With Both Parties to Help Business Create Jobs and Save Taxpayer Dollars

MILWAUKEE – Chris Abele’s campaign for Milwaukee County Executive released a new TV ad today, touting the civic leader’s commitment to working with Democrats and Republicans to help businesses create jobs and bring real change to the way Milwaukee County does business.

Abele’s ad unveils some of the reforms he will bring to the office — like freezing the executive office budget, and cutting perks for politicians and bureaucrats — and highlights Chris’ commitment to delivering savings for taxpayers by consolidating services and eliminating wasteful duplication.

The ad comes days after Chris Abele proposed a plan to tackle economic development and unemployment, key issues facing Milwaukee County.

View the ad here.

The ad script for “Online”

Chris Abele: I’m Chris Abele. The old ways aren’t working. It’s time for a new approach.

Chris Abele: As County Executive, I’ll freeze the executive office budget and cut perks like cars and cell phones. Consolidate services and eliminate duplication to save taxpayer dollars. You work harder. Doing more, with less. Government should, too.

Chris Abele: And I’ll work with people in both parties to help small business and create jobs.

Chris Abele: You can learn more at

Narrator: Chris Abele for Milwaukee County Executive.

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